PB BOOST: Hardly Haunted By Jessie Sima

Happy Sunday #Kidlit!

It’s a rainy day in Arizona which is the second best time to read a spooky book. The first of course being Halloween but since that is a few months away, I’ll settle for second best. I became a fan of Jessie Sima’s work when I picked up Love, Z in Costco and read it. I was having a bad day and I teared up while reading it. I was crying over a picture book in Costco! That says something. It was the warm hug I needed, telling me that just like that picture book, everything would work out. I am also huge fan of spooky stories. So a spooky picture book from Jessie Sima was an instant must read.

Usually I try not to enter picture book giveaways and save them for teachers or other writers who have children but when I saw the #PBchat Twitter giveaway for this book I couldn’t resist. It was meant to be because here it is and it is awesome!

Hardly Haunted introduces us to an empty House who fears she might be haunted. So she tries to calm her creaks and still her squeaks. But when she does, she realizes that she likes creaks and squeaks. Maybe being haunted was never the reason she was empty all along. Jessie’s illustrations paired with the fun use of spooky sounds makes this story exciting for the reader as well as the littles being read too.

The reader not only experiences the haunting of the house through House’s thoughts and feelings but through a black cat who acts as a silent supporting character to the story.

The color scheme while using darker colors is still bright and I love how expressive House is with her window pane eyes. My favorite spread is toward the end of the book but I didn’t want to give anything away. You’ll just have to read it to see what I mean. This is a must read for this coming spooky season, or a rainy day.

Happy reading, creatives!

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